Zoom Link Information 2

Zoom links have been sent out via Zoom Webinar. Each registered ticket has received an individual link. If you didn't receive a link, email Christine.Resnick@inova.org


Joining the Meeting:

  1. Ensure your device has Zoom Desktop Client from www.Zoom.us or Mobile App
    1. Download the Zoom Mobile App from your app store
  2. All registered attendees have received the  Zoom webinar links per registered email
  3. To join the webinar, click the link that was provided
  4. Click or tap Join a Meeting
  5. Enter the 9-digit webinar ID, and click Join or tap Join Meeting
  6. If prompted, enter your name and email address then click Join Webinar or tap Join
  7. You will be entered into the meeting or the waiting room if the meeting has not yet begun.
    1. You can listen using your desktop or your phone.  A dial-in number is included when you log in and choose phone or computer audio. 
  8. All attendees cameras will be inactive and microphone will be muted.
  9. Once the host begins meeting you will be able to view.
  10. To leave the meeting, click Leave Meeting at any time. You can always rejoin if the webinar is still in process by clicking the same Zoom webinar link as before (see above).


How to ask a question:

  1. Type your question into the Q&A box. Click Send
  2. The moderator will choose which questions to ask the speakers live on camera.
  3. Not all submitted questions will be answered due to limited time



I submitted a question but it wasn’t answered.

Not all questions submitted will be answered as we only have 5 minutes for Q&A for each speaker.  If your question does not get answered, please consider contacting the speaker directly after the event.

Program Director, Dr. Cochran is monitoring and choosing which questions to ask.


Registration Confirmation Email and Link?

You do not need your registration confirmation email or link.  You only need to use the Zoom link listed above. 

You will be prompted to register with your full name and email address in order to join the meeting.


Do I Need to Pre-Select Sessions on the Event Website?

No need to pre-select talks on the event site that you’d like to hear.  The Zoom link is for the entire day.  If you want to come and go, use Zoom link for joining and re-joining later on.


Zoom Not Loading?

Please check your internet connection: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201362463-Wireless-WiFi-Connection-Issues

Disconnect and reconnect again.  Try restarting computer to reload Wi-Fi signal


Computer Sound Not Working?
Try connecting via phone audio.

Disconnect and re-join using the Zoom link and clicking, “Phone Call” and using a dial-in number to call in and listen

If you are already on, you can switching from computer audio to phone by clicking the microphone button on the bottom left Zoom tool bar, then clicking “Switch to Phone Audio”.  You will be prompted to switch and given phone numbers to use.


Is This Event Being Recorded?

Yes, event will be recorded and available for viewing via ICMES.inova.org as Enduring Materials.  
Instructions on how to access the recording will be sent out after we are able to edit the content.  It will be a few weeks before it is available.


Chat Function not working.

The Chat function has been disabled for all attendees. You have the option to submit questions.


Need Additional Assistance?

Email CME@inova.org for assistance.